Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old Lady Bitch

To the wonderful old lady and her family from Kansas that made my life so enjoyable I want to say: FUCK YOU!!! You walk into my restaurant and demand to be seated right away. You then proceed to try and make so many substitutions to your dish that it no longer resembles what the dish is meant to be. For the rest of the time you sat and ate, I will admit you weren't any trouble but that was until you wanted the check. You yell at us for the check and I knew you were going to stiff me otherwise why would you have thrown money into the checkbook and ushered your family so quickly out the door. When I say family, all seven people was over the age of 21.

So here's where the drama starts. As she is rushing everyone out, I grab the checkbook and note that she shorted the tab by $30.00. Um ok, you seemed like the type that wouldn't tip but I didn't think you weren't going to pay your tab. So I'm counting the money at my counter while talking to another customer and notice four twenties and a ten dollar bill. The customer I'm talking to is wondering why I keep counting and I fly out the door mid sentence. I catch the old lady bitch's grand daughter 20 feet away and she calls grandma. Everyone else sees me and continues to walk around the corner.

Before I get a word out, old lady bitch says to me "I gave you enough money." Um, ok you don't know why I'm out there stopping you but you say you gave me enough...yeah clear admission of guilt. Then you claim you gave me five twenties and a ten, still not enough to cover your bill. So you throw a twenty in my face and try to walk away. I stop you again, and ask for the rest of the money that you never gave me and get a five thrown in my face. So just to make a point, I say she's only tipping $2 and some change and she scowls "that's because I gave you plenty already." I'm not a thief or a liar so why would I claim you didn't pay enough when you did?

So I get another five about to be thrown in my face but I grab her hand and dare her to throw it. Guess her senses came back because it wasn't. I wished her a good rest of her vacation, make sure her grand daughter is proud of her behavior, and say her picture is going to be spread around town with the news of her sudden onset of Alzheimer's and hopes she gets the special sauce everywhere she eats.

Mind you this incident was a lot worse than I wrote but some time has passed and I can forgive. That is until the damn grand daughter or niece wrote to one of those online reviews and fabricated everything that happened. Remember, I had a witness to the entire thing standing there who saw the 4 twenties and a ten. So she lied about the food being "nasty" and "rotten." How nasty was my restaurant when you boxed up every last morsel of food? Your own grand daughter asked for a box for her two pieces of onion and potato. Rotten huh. And then you call me nasty things for running after you to get more money because you accuse me of stealing. But then you claim that you now left $130, the amount just keeps rising. People like you make me hate my job and I should steal but why would I steal just $20.

So keep up with the lies old lady and blame it on Alzheimer's or old age but you know the truth and your family knows. For all I know you could have miscounted your money but that never crossed your mind. Best of all, you took down your posting two weeks later...guilt set in maybe? In time I believe you will get what you deserve and I hope its just as bad as I see it in my head.

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